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Opal Bay, 1994 is the demo for an interactive fiction project that tells the story of four twenty-somethings reaching a simultaneous critical point in their lives. Each path is a dive into the nuances of each character’s story—one lies between past and present; another floats in the liminal space between childhood, adulthood, and identity; another deals with the oppressive expectations of those who love us; the last searches, wayward, for an answer. 

By weaving these stories, set in these tough emotional periods, Opal Bay, 1994 explores how players can navigate through the lives of these young adults and how doing so cultivates a more empathetic world.

This game was created as part of the BFA Game Art Thesis class at Lawrence Technological University.


Opal Bay 1994 V.1.0 227 MB
Opal Bay 1994 V.1.0 209 MB


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Real nice art and colour design here. I love the story and will wait for the  further development. You're great!

Thank you so much! That means a lot to me <3